18 January 2014

Review: L'Oreal Kajal Magique.

It's been quite some time since I've written this much. By this much, I do mean, this much. The last time I tried to create a new post, I was mostly working (or trying to work) on my mini-series called 'Super Twinkle Donkey Gum!'. After days and nights of writer's block, I've decided to let it go. I tried so many things to get some sort (any sort) of inspiration - but it was all useless. Maybe it's because I'm not 14 any more. Things have changed far too much for me to try and recall what a younger version of me would think of this or that. I don't perceive things the way I used to, maybe because I understand better now. It isn't any fun growing up or understanding why the world works the way it does, but, I do believe it is inevitable. Too much time has passed and too much water has gone under the bridge. So, yes, I'll get back to raiding the cosmetic aisles of different stores and occasionally writing a non-beauty related posts. I have created a new page for this new development here. Oh, and I'm still thinking about which camera to buy and debating whether or not I should get a new one at all. Only time will tell. 

Anyway, I should probably get into writing about this magnificent new product from L'Oreal. The girl at my favourite L'Oreal counter in the city has asked me to gear up for the new launches from the brand. I usually think twice about buying from this cosmetic giant because I've occasionally had to overcome a few hiccups with them. But, most of the time, they do not disappoint. This little guy claims to last for 12 hours amongst other things. I've tested this enough to say that it does last for a long time. Maybe not a full 12 hours, but long enough for you to do all your chores, come back home and wipe it off yourself, unlike those magic eyeliners that disappear after an hour of application.  It also claims to be waterproof, which I do agree on. Once it settles, it refuses to budge. It also claims to be non-transferable, which is true too. It doesn't smudge easy and yet is easy to work with if you do require a smudged, smokey look.  

The hue of the kajal is a rather dark black. It's called 'Supreme Black' and is powered by mineral pigments, which I think is the reason for its opacity. It can be used both as an eyeliner and as a kajal, meaning you'll be able to create whimsical designs on your lids while being able to line your waterline or tight-line your upper lash line (without them feeling irritated). It didn't irritate my eyes when I used it on my waterline and it certainly didn't bother my upper lash line. It claims to have a soothing feeling on the eyes, which I was initially wary about, but, after using it quite a few times, I can say that it feels like any other good eyeliner and that there's no monkey business in the soothing department. It is enriched with Vitamin E, Cocoa butter, Olive oil esters and Vitamin C derivatives. That's always a good thing. It is also ophthalmologically tested and is suitable for contact lens wearers

I think, this kajal is in the running to qualify for my January Favourites. I love how pigmented it is and how, despite a lot of pulling and pushing, it refuses to budge. For ₹245, it's a good product. I mean, I know there are cheaper eyeliners in the market that are as good, if not better, than this one, but this product honestly isn't bad at all. I enjoy using it quite and bit and I love its fiery twist-up packaging in black and magenta. You get 0.35 grams of product, which isn't all bad. If you have the money and the courage to let go of your favourite eyeliner/kajal, go for it. It won't disappoint you. It certainly lived up to its hype for me.

I'll see you soon,
take care.