28 February 2014

Current Favourites #1

This February had 28 days, right? Well, it's just that this particular February was the creepiest of creeps, creeping by like an extremely slow creeper. Go figure. Maybe it's because after I put on some lipstick or some mascara, I did not venture out, but stayed back home to visit my buried-under-an-inch-of-dust Class XII text books. To be completely honest, I would just doodle some anime figures in my notebooks in the name of studying. I'm just a flake. When will I ever learn? Also, if you're an acquaintance of some sort or a family member, kindly do not rat me out to my wonderful mother. I was only kidding about the buried-under-an-inch-of-dust part and all that. I am constantly studying just so I am able to fulfil my childhood dreams. I do these bloggy things whenever I lift my head up from those variety of fonts and facts. Fonts and facts, I like the sound of that. 

24 February 2014

Review: L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse.

You know, I was sick of lip glosses and lipsticks for a while way back in January. So much so that I decided to venture out to a store and grab one more of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Nothing had been on par with those little lip crayons for the longest time. I loved the idea of getting a new shade but I didn't like the idea of spending ₹700 again. That's when the girl at the L'Oreal counter called me over to show me some lip products that she had previously mentioned about. At that time, I was apprehensive. L'Oreal has always been a brand that could either deliver the best or the worst products on earth. But, I was desperate - desperate for change. And now, I am extremely thankful to God that I took my chances.

22 February 2014

Review: Burt's Bees Lipbalms.

This is a quick little train of thought rather than a planned note. My lower lip has been chapped for most of the past winter. I usually smack on some sort of lip balm for temporary relief (hint: Maybelline Baby Lips in Antioxidant Berry, the best of the entire lot - I recently finished it and since it was my most used lip balm ever, I'm going to... *insert quick little prayer here*) and hope that it lasts. Guess what? It hardly ever does. With the wintry wind joining forces with the dry February wind, my lips have been hiding under coats of petroleum jelly. Then, I remembered - I had not one, but two Burt's Bees lip balms. The rest is, well, history.

19 February 2014

Review: Maybelline Lip Polish.

I've been completely buried in books lately (for those of you who don't know, my class XII Boards start from 1st March, 2014) and whenever I've had the time to raise my head, I've been reading manga or working on an untitled project for the blog or working on future blog posts (so that I can set a date for the post to publish itself) or just staring at Stana Katic's face on 'Castle' with an occasional switch-up being Emily Deschanel's face on 'Bones'. That was one long sentence. Whoa. 

16 February 2014

Review: Maybelline Color Tattoos by Eyestudio.

By the time this post gets published, Valentine's Day would officially be over. All the gimmicky Kiss Days, Teddy Days and what not would be officially behind us, unable to touch us for another year. What did you guys do for Valentine's Day? I, genuinely, hope it wasn't as lame as mine. My girlfriend has her XII Board exams going on and I couldn't even go drop by considering my Boards are coming up too. So, I just texted her for a bit and then treated myself to some candy (which, strangely, I had bought for her). After that, I just decided to get on with this post. I have been stalling doing this post for the longest time imaginable. I don't even know why - since these particular products are like best friends to me. You've probably seen and heard about these more than necessary by now. Let me just add my name to the people who have used and loved these little darlings.

10 February 2014

Naked eyes.

Whenever I have free time these days, I just sit and stare at my blog or read manga. For most part, I just read manga. Mangas are so gut-wrenchingly good that it takes my mind off most of my daily troubles. These days, I'm re-reading one of my favourite childhood mangas, 'Gakuen Alice'. It had an anime version too but I guess they stopped after season one and when Animax was removed from the cable lines in our state, I died a slow death. After several years, I'm simply glad that I'm able to re-read the manga without anyone trying to stop me (take that, Assam government!) and just be a happy person. But to be honest, reading books in my Class XII curriculum and reading mangas has made me look like a zombie. I'm not complaining about the looking-like-a-zombie bit, but when I have to go out and face the real world, three things come to my rescue and make me look like a, well, human being. *coughs* 

6 February 2014

Review: Stila Lip Glaze.

There's just something about women who can pull off a lip color. I don't know what it is, but, there's this part of me that admires anyone who can wear a lip color and not care about what anyone thinks of them. Because, where I live, women mostly just line their eyes, drag along a lip balm and rush out. I'm not saying that's bad or anything; I personally think it suits everyone and all that jazz. But don't you just love that odd woman standing in a crowd, showing off a plum lipstick? A red lip can stand for so many things - a person's strenght, boldness and the way they look at life. A nude lip, to me, is so calming and beautiful (I mean, look at Stana Katic's character in the TV Show 'Castle', Detective Kate Beckett, who almost always rocks a nude lip). I, for one, am a complete lip junkie. And like Kate Beckett, I quite enjoy my nudes and peaches. And like her, every once in a while, I'll wear a berry or a red on my lips. That's the beauty of makeup - you get to decide.