30 September 2013


This is the first post of its kind. The first favourites post of the blog. I have decided to start this series for two reasons: 1. It's fun and 2. It's the only way I can keep track of all the products I own and use on a monthly basis. Yes, I am poor. Even then, being a hoarder, I have some things that I don't end up using. So, with this series, I can hopefully keep a track of those things I pick up on whim and those things I save for months to buy. 

29 September 2013

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick + Rimmel Vinyl Gloss.

So, I decided to take a break from all the last minute studying I've been up to and write a new blog post. I also switched on the telly just in case and when I switched over to a rerun of 'Ellen', I stopped what I was doing to watch the show for ten minutes. She brought on a Norwegian duo by the name of Ylvis. She played their viral hit, 'The Fox' and the moment I heard it, I was floored. It was officially the cheesiest yet most purposely funny song I had ever heard in quite some time. I immediately went over to YouTube, favourited the song and caught up with some of the dance moves. What's my favorite part of the song? Well, to be honest, the whole song is  hilarious, but 49 seconds into the song, one of the brothers' goes "Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!" and I must say, that is my favourite part of the chorus. Also, something that from the lyrics that made me grin: "But if you meet a friendly horse, will you communicate by Morse? How will you speak to that horse?"

22 September 2013


Examinations. The word frightens some of the strongest people I know. Then again, I do not know a lot of people anyway. 
Anyway, I was bored out of my mind after studying (not really) for my exams and wanted to relax a little bit. I switched over to YouTube and found a new video by GregoryGorgeous on my subscriptions list called the '99 Random Questions Tag'. I loved the idea of doing the tag, only not on video. And I thought it was a nice way to let off some steam. Also, if you do not know some of the terms and want to look it up or are bored and just want some extra knowledge, I have direct links. Those terms are the underlined ones. So, here we are.

11 September 2013

Review: MAC Archie's Girls (Limited Edition).

It's almost disgusting how much of a major procrastinator I have become. I do not feel like doing things until it's the absolute last moment. Assignments, school-work, studies, fun time, everything has been put on hold because I spend half of my 24 hours sleeping. The other half, I sleep with my eyes wide open. Yeah, I have mastered that over the years. So, I kind of dug up my old comics (I've been giving all the online manga reading some well needed rest) and I've been reading through all the Archie comics in those fleeting minutes when I don't actually feel drowsy. While Jughead is my favorite character, if I were to choose between the girls, I'd choose Veronica any day. Not only is she a kick-ass character to begin with, she's also a proud brunette. Don't get me wrong, I like Betty, but, Veronica is it. For me, at least. What I like about the people at the fictional town of Riverdale is that not only are they extremely realistic and humorous, they always stick together even after the worst of fights. 

6 September 2013


I have been ill for the longest time. And I've been putting away writing, sketching and all those little things like a good little vegetable. I'm still recovering but I decided to get at least one post done. Being ill takes up way too much of my time and I do not like that one bit. The only part I do like is the excessive drinking of hot-warm-lukewarm things. I'm usually a drinker of icy things, such as Iced Tea and chilled orange juice but after the recent health scare of sorts, I've taken to warmer drinks. Proper tea, warm water and any sort of soup (clear, tomato, mushroom, corn; you name it, I've drank it all in the past few days!) are my things now. Seeing how the erratic weather change has brought upon its own sort of epidemics and other non-sparkly things, the warm drinks helps us to calm down. I get it now. I get why tea is so popular. My state is super famous for its tea. Okay, now, I'll get to what I really want to talk about.