31 October 2013


October Favourites.

I searched for the meaning of pink in the dictionary on my laptop. It is defined as "A light shade of red". It is so much more than that, isn't it? For some, like my mother, pink is the colour of choice, the first preference, the best, in their opinion. Some have a special inclination towards pink. For me, pink is the colour of happiness. It makes me just so happy. At other times, pink is quite an important colour. It is the colour of love, joy and is a pink ribbon (like the one in the photo above) is the symbol of breast cancer awareness.

25 October 2013

Review: Lush Herbalism Cleanser.

I have this love-hate, on again-off again relationship with my skin. Some days, I love how beautiful it is and at other (okay, most) times I hate that it cannot pick itself up. Acne is a raging problem, sure, for which teens have to think twice before eating an extra packet of chips or another slab of chocolate, but, it really isn't the end of the world. Yes, it really isn't. Or maybe that's something I keep telling myself to not go further into my shell labelled 'socially inept'. 

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.

There's this thing, this theory, I have. You see, Revlon, as amazing as the brand might be, is a complete flop with the people here. Yes, a flop. Flop = A complete failure. Why, you ask? You see, until very recently, Halle Berry had been the face of almost all their campaigns and while it is such a milestone for a celebrity, it doesn't interest my people. What they're interested in seeing is a familiar, more relate-able face rather than someone of substance like Halle. So, when Emma Stone became the face of Revlon, the brand was finally here - and it was here to stay. Having such a beautiful history (they still have some products, formulation, packaging and colours that were present since its inception) Revlon is easily your best bet when you want products of high quality within a good price range. 

16 October 2013

Review: Inglot Kohl Pencil.

Inglot, Inglot, oh, Inglot. I have wanted to try out this Polish brand ever since I saw Julia Graf use their products and rave about them. Add good quality, quantity, hues and reasonable prices and you've got me sold. Some might say that these factors are applicable to many brands. However, Inglot has such an ace up its sleeve that other brands may or may not be able to cope up with it: the Freedom system. You can basically create an eye, blush, lip, concealer or foundation palette of your choice. You can choose the colours you want and assign them as duos, trios, quads or even larger palettes accommodating more than 50 colours. You can even choose two eyeshadows, one lip colour and two blushes or three eyeshadows, two lip colours and so forth. The choice is entirely yours. And with a reasonable price tag, you get to have it all and even save some money for a cupcake party with all your friends.

14 October 2013

Review: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in 'Fresh Coral'.

I have wanted a matte blush for so long. Matte is definitely my favourite finish when it comes to beauty products. I mean, sure, I love sparkly and glittery things but there's nothing prettier than a soft, matte face. So, I was just browsing through Maybelline's website when I saw that they were coming out with a new range of blushes. Naturally, I was excited. Okay, not excited. Try hysterical. I waited around for weeks and finally got around to checking them out at a store. What was the insanely exciting part? The blushes looked matte online and when I swatched them at the store, I was correct. They were matte, they were absolute perfection.

7 October 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Senational Bold Matte Color Lipstick in 'MAT 2'.

There are days when you go out, not wanting to buy anything and not having any moolah in your pockets either. You have a few crumpled up hundred rupee notes that you know you'd have to survive on for at least a couple more weeks. Walks in the market during the festival time is the worst; so many offers, brands, sizes, colours, shapes to choose from - yet not a single penny left aside to be spent on something you truly fancy. 

5 October 2013


I look forward to three insane events every year. In no particular order, they are: my birthday, New Year's eve and the five-day long festival of Durga Puja.