31 December 2013


It's the last post of the year. Funny how time flies by, isn't it? 2013 was quite a wonderful year. I mean, I am not going to complain about the bad things because there were just too many great moments. I had decided to give my camera phone a break on grounds of buying a legitimate camera and everything, but, I decided to let WeLF do his thing one last time before its vacation. And he performed quite well, as per usual. Okay, I'll stop with the weirdness now. I'm kind of sad that this year's over, but, hopefully 2014 has bunnies and unicorns and sparkles and flowers in store for us. Maybe not actual bunnies, unicorns, sparkles and flowers but you get the gist. Do you have any New Year's Resolutions? I didn't make any this year because I never seem to keep them. Ever.

16 December 2013

Review: Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub.

I don't go to Baskin Robbins that often. And in rare times when I do, I ask for a flavour of ice-cream that isn't available anywhere else where I live - Chocolate Mint . You cannot find it anywhere else here, sadly. Trust me, I have searched high and low because I do not like paying such an unreasonable amount of money on ice-cream. My friends, the two or three that I have managed not to push away, often go for the more exotic chocolate flavours. Even le girlfriend cannot comprehend my love affair with this particular flavour of ice-cream. She says that it tastes like toothpaste. Now, now. I don't go around saying that the chocolate flavour that she likes tastes like Bournvita. Although, now that I think about it, her argument will probably earn more supporters than mine. Moving right along.

6 December 2013

Review: 'Alien' Eau de Parfum - Thierry Mugler.

I have a sociology exam in approximately 8 hours. And yet, I am here, typing away. Like my life depended on it. It kind of does. Who likes to study anyway? I don't study, I don't prepare, I don't cram - I just do. I just write whatever I understood in class, whatever I read in those fleeting moments when I actually opened my books. I am lazy and uninterested in every aspect of the word. Especially when it comes to studying. I do believe in learning, though. I just don't believe in ranking students and competition. 

26 November 2013


Five silly things I am excited for this winter.

I quite like winter. It's warm (okay, hot) where I live 8 months of the year. It's nice to feel a cool breeze against my skin, for a change. Winter, over the years, has been a store-house of memories - good and bad. The blankets, the sweaters, the hand creams, the cups of coffee; they're all triggers. It is just such a beautiful season. As a student, I have had December off, to enjoy the weather, to enjoy the winter fruits and vegetables, to enjoy going outside wearing dark nail polish. Being the cuckoo person that I am, I tend to go for bright colours in the colder seasons and darker colours in the summers. However, this time, I am all about rocking a plum or navy colour on my nails. 

19 November 2013

Review: The Body Shop Satsuma Body Mist.

All my life I have wanted to smell like an orange. It's this inexplicable need that I have harboured since childhood. I have got so many fresh memories with that fruit in general. Soaking up the winter sun on the roof while peeling off countless oranges and eating them. I loved the smell it left on my hand. My paternal grandmother used to make me 'orange flowers' when I was a kid, which is basically turning the slice inside-out , thus popping out the bright orange pulp. Just the other day, a paternal uncle of mine passed away. Since I hadn't eaten anything all day, one of my maternal aunts asked me to drop by, just so she could make me eat something. When she walked up to me to receive me, she was smelling of oranges. She had used the body butter variant to this product, I just knew it. The fragrance had calmed me down so much, that I cannot even use a proper word to express my calmness. Ira, le girlfriend, once said that the smell of oranges reminded her of me. Similarly, the smell of vanilla is something I associate with her. Such is the power of a fragrances. Let's begin now, shall we?
(Note: Citrus unshiu is a seedless and easy-peeling citrus species, also known as cold hardy mandarin, satsuma mandarin, satsuma orange, Christmas orange and tangerine. It is probably of Japanese origin and introduced elsewhere.ts fruit is sweet and usually seedless, about the size of other mandarin oranges, Citrus reticulata, smaller than an orange.   The satsuma also has particularly delicate flesh, which cannot withstand the effects of careless handling.)

18 November 2013


There was this girl in my high school, whose hair looked like a mop of instant noodles. It was so thick and curly that I often wanted her to dye her hair blond just so it'd look more like instant noodles. I do not remember her name or her face, to be honest; I just remember that she existed and had hair that looked edible enough from a distance. Burnt edible, since we're all brunettes here.

12 November 2013

Review: Forest Essentials Body Cream Vitamin E.

I sin on a regular basis. I do not moisturize. I never have. Forget daily, I doubt if I ever have moisturized monthly. So, one of my resolutions, which I made in January, comes into play now, as winter begins. I have begun moisturizing whenever my brain reminds me to. I have scruffy, tough elbows and knees which need some extra tender love and care. My ankles are no less. My quest to find a good moisturizer began in October, when I was visiting my brother. I wanted something smooth and silky. Something that was like water; hydrating, refreshing and extremely good for the skin. I think I may have found it.

6 November 2013

Review: Nivea Lip Butters.

Nivea Lip Butters.

They're here! They're finally here!! This goes to show that patience and prayer does eventually pay off. I had been seeing these lip butters on the internet for almost a year now. And they looked so adorable that I knew I had to make them appear in this lovely Third World country of mine. Of course, it wasn't in my reach. Even after that, I had an inkling, a spark of hope alive; maybe they'd launch these here - and they did! I found them completely at random on Med Plus Beauty. I was very impressed with their relatively speedy delivery and parcel-taping skills. On the third picture above, you can see how these lip butters are packaged. I shot these photos quickly, on my laptop, Nero, no less. I realize they're not my usual white setting but, strangely, the lighting was good when I clicked them. I wanted to have photos of these bad boys in their natural, unused state. Before I began my annihilation. On the fourth photo, they're cozily hanging out with their other stay-at-home friends in a bed I made with a cardboard box and wrapping paper. They're stay-at-home products till now; not going off to work yet. My working lip products are scattered in various bags, skirts and pants, doing their job dutifully when required. You can also find these on Myntra

5 November 2013


Success of a Survey of sorts.

Death is a funny thing. An extremely scary, terrible, funny thing. I often claim that nothing scares me much, except a long overdue assignment or low battery on my cellphones. However, there is one thing that scares me irrespective of time, date and season. That would be death.

3 November 2013

Review: The Body Shop Lip Balm & Lip Butter.

Just the other day, I realized something. I do not like winter. I don't hate it, no. I just do not enjoy it. In school, every classmate of mine thinks I am insane just because I want to switch on the fan for a minute. At home, it's the same. Then, there's the whole dry weather scenario. While I enjoy the cold, I do not like how dry it gets around here. And I am a bad girl for not tackling that with a little moisturization. I do not believe in moisturizing. Then again, if I am being honest, I am too lazy to do it. I cannot wait to get my hands on a good body butter and slather it all over my body, particularly my elbows and ankles. Another thing I do not like are chapped lips. Winter and chapped lips are the best of friends. Last year, I bit my chapped lips so hard that it started bleeding and a weird episode of my life unfolded before my eyes. An event so very weird and humiliating that I cannot even think about writing it here. So, after that episode was over, I swore that I'd never have chapped lips again. Never, ever, ever. 

31 October 2013


October Favourites.

I searched for the meaning of pink in the dictionary on my laptop. It is defined as "A light shade of red". It is so much more than that, isn't it? For some, like my mother, pink is the colour of choice, the first preference, the best, in their opinion. Some have a special inclination towards pink. For me, pink is the colour of happiness. It makes me just so happy. At other times, pink is quite an important colour. It is the colour of love, joy and is a pink ribbon (like the one in the photo above) is the symbol of breast cancer awareness.

25 October 2013

Review: Lush Herbalism Cleanser.

I have this love-hate, on again-off again relationship with my skin. Some days, I love how beautiful it is and at other (okay, most) times I hate that it cannot pick itself up. Acne is a raging problem, sure, for which teens have to think twice before eating an extra packet of chips or another slab of chocolate, but, it really isn't the end of the world. Yes, it really isn't. Or maybe that's something I keep telling myself to not go further into my shell labelled 'socially inept'. 

Review: Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains.

There's this thing, this theory, I have. You see, Revlon, as amazing as the brand might be, is a complete flop with the people here. Yes, a flop. Flop = A complete failure. Why, you ask? You see, until very recently, Halle Berry had been the face of almost all their campaigns and while it is such a milestone for a celebrity, it doesn't interest my people. What they're interested in seeing is a familiar, more relate-able face rather than someone of substance like Halle. So, when Emma Stone became the face of Revlon, the brand was finally here - and it was here to stay. Having such a beautiful history (they still have some products, formulation, packaging and colours that were present since its inception) Revlon is easily your best bet when you want products of high quality within a good price range. 

16 October 2013

Review: Inglot Kohl Pencil.

Inglot, Inglot, oh, Inglot. I have wanted to try out this Polish brand ever since I saw Julia Graf use their products and rave about them. Add good quality, quantity, hues and reasonable prices and you've got me sold. Some might say that these factors are applicable to many brands. However, Inglot has such an ace up its sleeve that other brands may or may not be able to cope up with it: the Freedom system. You can basically create an eye, blush, lip, concealer or foundation palette of your choice. You can choose the colours you want and assign them as duos, trios, quads or even larger palettes accommodating more than 50 colours. You can even choose two eyeshadows, one lip colour and two blushes or three eyeshadows, two lip colours and so forth. The choice is entirely yours. And with a reasonable price tag, you get to have it all and even save some money for a cupcake party with all your friends.

14 October 2013

Review: Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush in 'Fresh Coral'.

I have wanted a matte blush for so long. Matte is definitely my favourite finish when it comes to beauty products. I mean, sure, I love sparkly and glittery things but there's nothing prettier than a soft, matte face. So, I was just browsing through Maybelline's website when I saw that they were coming out with a new range of blushes. Naturally, I was excited. Okay, not excited. Try hysterical. I waited around for weeks and finally got around to checking them out at a store. What was the insanely exciting part? The blushes looked matte online and when I swatched them at the store, I was correct. They were matte, they were absolute perfection.

7 October 2013

Review: Maybelline Color Senational Bold Matte Color Lipstick in 'MAT 2'.

There are days when you go out, not wanting to buy anything and not having any moolah in your pockets either. You have a few crumpled up hundred rupee notes that you know you'd have to survive on for at least a couple more weeks. Walks in the market during the festival time is the worst; so many offers, brands, sizes, colours, shapes to choose from - yet not a single penny left aside to be spent on something you truly fancy. 

5 October 2013


I look forward to three insane events every year. In no particular order, they are: my birthday, New Year's eve and the five-day long festival of Durga Puja.

30 September 2013


This is the first post of its kind. The first favourites post of the blog. I have decided to start this series for two reasons: 1. It's fun and 2. It's the only way I can keep track of all the products I own and use on a monthly basis. Yes, I am poor. Even then, being a hoarder, I have some things that I don't end up using. So, with this series, I can hopefully keep a track of those things I pick up on whim and those things I save for months to buy. 

29 September 2013

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick + Rimmel Vinyl Gloss.

So, I decided to take a break from all the last minute studying I've been up to and write a new blog post. I also switched on the telly just in case and when I switched over to a rerun of 'Ellen', I stopped what I was doing to watch the show for ten minutes. She brought on a Norwegian duo by the name of Ylvis. She played their viral hit, 'The Fox' and the moment I heard it, I was floored. It was officially the cheesiest yet most purposely funny song I had ever heard in quite some time. I immediately went over to YouTube, favourited the song and caught up with some of the dance moves. What's my favorite part of the song? Well, to be honest, the whole song is  hilarious, but 49 seconds into the song, one of the brothers' goes "Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!" and I must say, that is my favourite part of the chorus. Also, something that from the lyrics that made me grin: "But if you meet a friendly horse, will you communicate by Morse? How will you speak to that horse?"

22 September 2013


Examinations. The word frightens some of the strongest people I know. Then again, I do not know a lot of people anyway. 
Anyway, I was bored out of my mind after studying (not really) for my exams and wanted to relax a little bit. I switched over to YouTube and found a new video by GregoryGorgeous on my subscriptions list called the '99 Random Questions Tag'. I loved the idea of doing the tag, only not on video. And I thought it was a nice way to let off some steam. Also, if you do not know some of the terms and want to look it up or are bored and just want some extra knowledge, I have direct links. Those terms are the underlined ones. So, here we are.

11 September 2013

Review: MAC Archie's Girls (Limited Edition).

It's almost disgusting how much of a major procrastinator I have become. I do not feel like doing things until it's the absolute last moment. Assignments, school-work, studies, fun time, everything has been put on hold because I spend half of my 24 hours sleeping. The other half, I sleep with my eyes wide open. Yeah, I have mastered that over the years. So, I kind of dug up my old comics (I've been giving all the online manga reading some well needed rest) and I've been reading through all the Archie comics in those fleeting minutes when I don't actually feel drowsy. While Jughead is my favorite character, if I were to choose between the girls, I'd choose Veronica any day. Not only is she a kick-ass character to begin with, she's also a proud brunette. Don't get me wrong, I like Betty, but, Veronica is it. For me, at least. What I like about the people at the fictional town of Riverdale is that not only are they extremely realistic and humorous, they always stick together even after the worst of fights. 

6 September 2013


I have been ill for the longest time. And I've been putting away writing, sketching and all those little things like a good little vegetable. I'm still recovering but I decided to get at least one post done. Being ill takes up way too much of my time and I do not like that one bit. The only part I do like is the excessive drinking of hot-warm-lukewarm things. I'm usually a drinker of icy things, such as Iced Tea and chilled orange juice but after the recent health scare of sorts, I've taken to warmer drinks. Proper tea, warm water and any sort of soup (clear, tomato, mushroom, corn; you name it, I've drank it all in the past few days!) are my things now. Seeing how the erratic weather change has brought upon its own sort of epidemics and other non-sparkly things, the warm drinks helps us to calm down. I get it now. I get why tea is so popular. My state is super famous for its tea. Okay, now, I'll get to what I really want to talk about.

25 August 2013

Review: L'Oreal Paris + The Body Shop Blushes.

So, I was sitting in class, a few days ago, thinking what I should write about next. A teacher was droning on and on about how we're not supposed to waste our time with Twitter, Facebook (cyberspace, in general) and focus on the charming political leaders of the last few decades. I'm no fan of politics or leaders, yes, but they're both important for the functioning of different entities. I half-listened and half-slept through the teacher's diligent lecture and observations – that's when I noticed the teacher's unnaturally peachy-pink cheeks. I squinted my eyes and tried to focus on her cheeks; I was right, she had used a very subtle and immensely flattering blush on her cheeks. She took my sudden squinty-eyed enthusiasm quite positively and went on talking about politics in the 1970's as if I was the only student in the entire class. In a way, I was the only student. 93% of the class was asleep with their eyes wide open, 7% of them were jotting down whatever they possibly could and there I was, the only one, maintaining strange eye-contact with the teacher and nodding at whatever I thought was right. Little did she know that she had given me something I could write about, something that would get my literary juices flowing at 3 in the morning.

18 August 2013


On the night I 'rediscovered' myself, I realized one thing – I had done everything important wrong and it was time to start over. All my life, I had been a really, really strange person. I have always been the orange amongst saccharine sweet apples, the bitter aftertaste of a mint candy, the sad ending to a perfectly sweet story... Which, sadly, sums up my state of being friendless. Sure, I have a few odd friends here and there, but to be honest, most of my 'friends' are fictional characters, inanimate objects or a combination of both. Okay, I admit – my 'circle' consists of, say, six people, at the very least. Or most. Why is that? I'll tell you.