(A green haired version of myself. *shrugs*)

Hi there. I am A. And I am so glad that you found this blog. It's not that I'm not revealing my real name for anonymity, it's more so because it's a mouthful. I started this blog as a source of fun and I sincerely hope this won't be a half-hearted attempt on my part because I tend to flake a lot. I'm neither a pro at makeup (haha, definitely not!) nor can I afford high-end stuff (maybe once every now and then) but I do like a few things makeup provides us with... It gives us a chance to play it up and be a different person, to enhance our best features, to conceal things we're insecure about and if done with a clear sense of mind,  it can help us to relax and just have fun while playing with all sorts of products. That's what I believe makeup is all about. And when you're a citizen of a Third World country, you end up making the most out of what you already have.

Since I am a student, at the moment, I am broke most of the time. I do earn a little from an odd job as an unauthorized computer teacher; which may answer your question; where I get the money to buy these products. Well, it's the odd job and some careful expenditures on my part. And an occasionally indulgent mother. 

Apart from makeup, I love to sketch. As you can see, I almost always represent myself having green hair. I've had dark brown hair since I was born; maybe it's time I took some steps to make my hair green. Sketching has been one thing I have always loved, ever since I was little. I also breathe anime and manga. If I'm not watching an anime, I'll be reading a manga and vice versa. Yeah, my condition is that bad. I'm also a K-Pop and J-Pop fangirl. If it's not those two genres, you'll find me listening to Marilyn Manson or some sort of punk rock band. I also quite like electronic and dance music.   

I love my life in general. Sure, it sucks the blood out of me most of the time but I honestly couldn't be happier. I may not know all the fancy things in life but I believe I learn new things every day. 

Welcome to Mint Sin and I hope you have a pleasant stay. Saranghae.