26 January 2014

Review: Sephora Collection Colorful Blush.

There are days when I just feel dead. And I couldn't care less about what is going on around me. I like to be left alone until I figure out what kind of look I could create on my face that would make me feel more alive. And making me feel alive usually involves blush. Not a lot of it, just enough to make people go, 'Oh, she's alive, don't worry' and so on. Of late, I've been reaching for my Sephora Collection Colorful Blush in 'Coral Crush' to do the job for me. And nobody's labelled me to be dead whenever I have it on. That's got to be a good thing.

To be honest, while I am a very loyal lip junkie, I enjoy putting on blush the most. I don't own a whole lot of blushes, maybe around eight or nine; but I enjoy and like them all. How I got this particular blush to be part of my collection is quite a story. My father had a meeting in New Delhi a few months ago and like every other time, I sent him a list, should he be anywhere near our country's only Sephora. I had written down the names of a bunch of things along with a blush called 'Fuchsia Flash' from the Sephora Colorful Blush Collection. He hadn't called me after he had reached and I had lost hope when at around eight at night, he called me. He said, "These people are saying they don't have Fuchsia Flash. Will Coral Crush do?". I melted then and there. The poor darling had ventured out to Sephora to pacify his insane daughter. And that's how I wound up with Coral Crush in my collection. 

Coral Crush is a light terracotta shade with gold shimmer in it. It looks like coral bordering red in the pictures, but, in reality, it's a whole lot softer. While it definitely is a coral bordering red rather than pink, it's not that harsh. You can take a better look in the photo right below this paragraph. The gold shimmer in the blush may seem unnoticeable in the pan, but, when you sweep the product up and put it on, it does show up. Not in an ugly way, of course. It just gives the coral a healthy punch of shimmer, making your face look more radiant. 

This blush is quite pigmented. Maybe not as pigmented as some of the other ones I use, but, pigmented enough to show up on your skin in one swipe. The brush is use for this blush is from Korea and it is one heck of a soft brush. And it's kind of cute. Not to mention inexpensive (it cost me around  ₹175). The blush is smooth too, amongst other things, including the fact that they're long wearing.
This is what the Sephora website says about these gems:
"Available in two beautiful finishes, matte or shimmer, each blush delivers a healthy glow. Now with enhanced mineral and organic pigments, these blushes feature smoother application, boosted color intensity, and longer wear. Enriched with moisturizing ingredients, including the extract of the portulaca plant and a natural peptide, cheeks look smoother, more hydrated, and fresher-looking."

I am not going to argue with the official description, to be honest. I am quite satisfied with the product. It gives a healthy glow to my complexion, making me look (and feel) alive. It does last all day and won't leave a grey tinge to your face like some blushes do. And what I love about the gold shimmer is that it isn't in-your-face. It's subtle, it's soft and it's radiant. These retail for ₹800 and have 3.2 grams of product. All in all, I know the price seems a little too much, but, in the end, it is a Sephora blush and you do get quality, which I think matters the most. It's a splurge, but, then again, splurging every once in a while does keep peace and harmony in the world.
*wink wink nudge nugde*

Until next time,
look alive.