31 March 2014

It's just doll-like.

Everybody's jumping around, excited. Spring is here. But not us, the people in Assam. We're all just standing in a row, offering our prayers to Surya, the Sun God, so that he'd be merciful to us this year. If there was a God of humidity, I'm sure we'd offer more prayers to him. Sure, I like the insane April thunder-showers and the power cuts, but what I do not like is the humidity. Sure, I like the gorgeous green baby leaves and the spring flowers, but I do not like the humidity. I just don't like the humidity. Alright, time to stop whining. 
So, spring, for me, also means using blushes. I use blushes in other seasons too, but, I have always placed blush to be a spring makeup necessity. It's just that I have drawn this link between the two things. This year's spring trends comprise mostly of bright, pop colours such as lime green, orchid and pure whites. So, on days when I'm too much of a chicken to experiment, I'll just use a blush and get on with my life. I decided to pick up a couple of new blushers a month ago, just to take a breather from my love-hate relationship with my text books. I wanted to venture out and try some new brands, mostly because I wanted to make my collection something that wasn't limited to just a few good brands.

So, I picked up a blush each from Accessorize and Makeup Academy, also known as MUA, both of which are British brands. You can look for their amazing products over at Jabong. They're on sale often, so I'd suggest you grab hold of their products then.

Accessorize Sweet Cheeks Cream Blush in 'Bloom'.

Now, I've always been a fan of Accessorize and their products, right from their necklaces to their bags. So, I figured their makeup products couldn't be bad. And the packaging is adorable, as expected from them. Their prices are sort of hot, but, from what I've tried so far, they're quite worth your money and time. 'Bloom' is a lovely pink with silver micro glitter. It has a matte finish, so, the silver glitter disappers after a few seconds. This is a cream blush, so the best way to apply it is with your fingers. Even if it blends like a dream, you might want to use your ring finger for application, since it does have the lightest touch. The pigmentation is intense and a little goes a long way for this little pan of blush. There is 2.5 gm of product in it and it originally costs ₹675 but I got it for ₹499 since it was on sale. I am sort of glad that I got this, primarily because it is pretty amazing.   

Makeup Academy Blusher in 'Marshmallow'.

This is actually the first MUA product that I have tried and to be honest, I am impressed. With only the product, not the packaging. The packaging is extremely flimsy (I had purchased an eyeshadow from them along with these two blushes and due to the terrible packaging, some of it is broken already) and plain. But the blush itself is beautiful and its got MUA engraved onto it . It's a fuchsia, with a blue tone (as you can clearly see in the photos). It contains 2.4 gm of product and originally costs ₹700 but I got it for ₹399. The intensity of this blush is beyond what I expected; it is extremely pigmented. So, when it's time for application, a light hand is absolutely necessary. What I do is, pick up the product on a soft blush brush, tap off some of the excess, then tap some more and then apply it. Too much of this and hello clown

I am completely satisfied with my decision to try out more brands. If I hadn't chosen to try them out, I wouldn't have realized how good they are. So, I guess my sudden blush indulgence made me a tad bit saner. Only three more weeks more till I am a free bird. Take that, text books. One more thing, even if I whine about it quite a bit, I do actually like spring. It's not my favourite season, sure, but it's a close third (the actual order is summer, autumn, spring and winter).
Anyway, here's to a good spring! *drinks some guava juice*