27 May 2014

Review: MAC Media.

Kon'nichiwa! I am sure everybody has a certain beauty product they turn to make themselves look better. Something that you can always rely on, no matter what. Most of my friends chose eyeliner when I asked them, a couple had chosen lipstick. I am amongst the lipstick group. I have a different relationship with my lip products. It's almost weird. And today, I'll introduce you to the love of my life. Lipstick-wise. 

I, honestly, don't know why I am so attracted to dark lip colours. I just feel powerful whenever I wear a dark hue. I don't feel the same towards bright or neon lip colours. It's just this inexplicable attraction. Anyway, like I mentioned before, this particular lipstick is the love of my life. Whenever I wear it, I feel good, it brightens up my face. Simply put, it just makes me happy. It's a lipstick by MAC and it's called Media. Right now, I believe MAC lipsticks retail for ₹1190 for 3 grams of product. MAC lipsticks are renowned for their fine quality, longevity and their signature black and silver packaging.

Media is extremely intimidating at first, but once you wear it, you'll immediately understand just why I am so in love with it. The colour is an 'intense reddish purple' according to the official description and I couldn't agree more. Even though it almost looks like a reddish brown in the tube, it turns into a gorgeous reddish-purple when worn on the lips. The purple is very minimal, so often it comes across as a rich berry shade. It's a satin finish, which is a lot more hydrating than the MAC matte finishes. I do layer it over a lip balm, though, because when it's worn alone, it tends to settle into the cracks of my lips (my lips have been a real pain-in-the-neck lately). I have a very, very blue undertone (almost reptilian) and I have found that unlike other dark lip colours, this doesn't turn me into a complete vamp. I've also found that Media looks good on any skin tone, any undertone. So, yes, it's a win-win situation for everybody.

I could go on and on about it but at the end of the day, it's still just a lipstick. A lipstick with supernatural abilities, though. I don't feel the need to rate it or anything. Just describing it as the love of my life feels adequate. I don't believe that dark lip colours should be reserved for the colder seasons. Then again, that's just me. and my love for lipsticks. 

(P.S. The first photo was shot in Bangalore, earlier this May. I featured my favourite lipstick amongst a batch of home-made cupcakes, baked by my cousin, especially for me. Every time I look at that photo, I just feel happy. Yes, yes. I'm a weird person. I get it.)