6 July 2014

Review: Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick in 'Melted Ruby'.

Annyeonghaseyo! I was under the impression that my skin's reptilian undertone won't let me wear any reds unless they have a blue-ish tinge to them. Boy, was I wrong. What I've found out recently is that I can wear warmer-toned reds as well as ones with a pink undertone to them. Which is why my purse has been emptier than usual. 

Too Faced came out with these products a couple of months ago. It's a part of their Pardou My French Collection for Summer 2014. I remember purchasing it at the end of April, receiving it mid-May, testing it through the month of June and eventually sitting down to review it in July. I can't really be called lazy now, can I? See how much better I am getting at making up excuses? Anyway, the shade I picked up is called 'Melted Ruby'. Initially, there were 6 different shades in the collection, ranging from a wearable nude to a gorgeous, bold violet hue. However, since then, the shade selection has gone through an upgrade and now 10 shades are available for you to choose from. Check out the shades here. The four new shades (Melted Fig, Melted Candy, Melted Marshmallow and Melted Berry) are absolutely stunning.

The formula is extremely smooth and creamy and it glides on to the lips. It is intensely pigmented. I cannot describe just how pigmented unless you try it for yourself. Then again, perhaps 'Melted Ruby' is at the top of the pigmentation bar simply because it is red. I have heard good things about the pigmentation of the other shades as well, so I feel the entire collection has solid colour pay-off. One more amazing thing about it is just how extremely long lasting it is. I have read other bloggers write about their amazing longevity too but I have also read that some shades do not last for more than 4-5 hours. That, again, I suppose, has to do with the shade you've picked up. Since the one I picked up is a red, I feel it would easily outlast lighter colours. The red dries off quickly after you apply it on, so I usually need to work at a much faster pace, compared to my usual glacial pace. It does transfer a bit, but I usually blot it to make sure it doesn't. 

Just how cute is the packaging, by the way? I love the tube and the colour-coordinated theme of these little guys along with the adorable little gold cap. They contain about 12 ml of product.

The fun part about this product is definitely the applicator. It's a slanted tip, which allows the product to be applied on more precisely. I, being the fabulous butter-fingers and klutz that I am, initially found it difficult to manoeuvre the applicator to my desire. I found it extremely difficult to create a full red lip with it for the first couple of tries. But by the end of it, I managed to get a hang of it and I can now use it to my preference. Then again, I do not prefer a full red lip in the first place. What I love (emphasis on love) about this applicator is that it allows me to create my everyday, go-to gradient lip with it. I just dab on the product on the centre of lips, blend it out and throw a clear gloss on top. That's perhaps one of the main reasons why I love this product so much. It has made my life a tad bit easier. 

The shade 'Melted Ruby' is a classic true, blood red. True Blood red. Get it, get it? Ah, never mind. I adore this shade and while I am fairly new to this kind of red, I feel that it will suit just about anybody. I also feel that the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 'Big Bang' is a close rival to 'Melted Ruby', formula-wise. Shade-wise, 'Big Bang' is a much warmer and brighter red (I had previously written about the Apocalips here). If you have tried and loved the Apocalips Lip Lacquers, chances are, you'll like the Melted Liquified lipsticks too. 

They were priced at ₹1300+ around the time I decided to try them out. But now, the price has dropped down to ₹1146, over at BeautyBay (where I purchased 'Melted Ruby' from). For 12 ml of product at ₹1146, I feel like they are worth trying. If you want a foolproof shade, I definitely recommend this one. 

Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆/5