25 August 2013

Review: L'Oreal Paris + The Body Shop Blushes.

So, I was sitting in class, a few days ago, thinking what I should write about next. A teacher was droning on and on about how we're not supposed to waste our time with Twitter, Facebook (cyberspace, in general) and focus on the charming political leaders of the last few decades. I'm no fan of politics or leaders, yes, but they're both important for the functioning of different entities. I half-listened and half-slept through the teacher's diligent lecture and observations – that's when I noticed the teacher's unnaturally peachy-pink cheeks. I squinted my eyes and tried to focus on her cheeks; I was right, she had used a very subtle and immensely flattering blush on her cheeks. She took my sudden squinty-eyed enthusiasm quite positively and went on talking about politics in the 1970's as if I was the only student in the entire class. In a way, I was the only student. 93% of the class was asleep with their eyes wide open, 7% of them were jotting down whatever they possibly could and there I was, the only one, maintaining strange eye-contact with the teacher and nodding at whatever I thought was right. Little did she know that she had given me something I could write about, something that would get my literary juices flowing at 3 in the morning.

So, I sit here, trying to think about the importance of blushing cheeks in my life and in general. Rosy pink cheeks are underrated where I live. It makes you look put-together and gives you an edge if it is applied well. Nobody wants to look like Mr. Mime from Pokémon. Back when I was not very light-handed with blush, my mother would ask me if my blood pressure was high. Case in point: I used way too much blush. You just want a little hint of rosiness. Like I said before, nobody wants to look like Mr. Mime.

The first blush I had ever bought was also the first makeup item I had ever bought. I figured if I did delve into my feminine side, I would not buy something in an insane color that I would later regret purchasing in the first place. When my mother and I did go shopping, the friendly salesgirl suggested a powder blush for my weird skin. It's weird because I have very oily skin in the summer and very dry skin in the winter. And when she swatched the blush on my wrist, it felt smooth, silky and weightless. It was the L'Oreal True Match blush in 'Rosy Cheeks'. Anyway, I still love how light it is. It has just the perfect amount of shimmer. The payoff is incredible and it stays put through the day. The salesgirl mentioned something about its formulation being micro-fine. It is probably why the blush glides on to your cheeks. The packing is smart, with a compact mirror and an adorable, flat blush brush inside. However, I do not use the brush that's in the compact to apply this particular blush. While its a good brush, I feel that it picks up too much product and gives me the 'I-have-high-blood-pressure' look. I use a proper blush brush for its application and I find that it gives me the finish I want. For Rs. 650 and 5 gm of product, you could definitely try it if you're a fan of powder blushes.

Then, I came across the second blush I knew I absolutely had to own. I was just browsing through The Body Shop's website, looking through their makeup when I saw an exclusive collaboration with Lily Cole in the works. It included several limited edition makeup products including a Lip and Cheek Dome in two fantastic colors. It was cruelty-free heaven. The salesgirl told me to go for the pink version of the blush but I could hear the coral one calling my name. So, I decided to pick up 'Crazy for Coral'; I was truly, madly, deeply crazy for it. And I am quite thankful I took the chance because the product is insanely rich and looks quite gorgeous on most skin tones. My mother loves it and she prefers this one over the other blush I own. It's Rs. 895 for 10 ml. It is super build-able, blends well and leaves just the perfect glow on the skin. A coral glow, no less. It's super summery. Whenever I desire a pick-me-up on a dreary day, this is my go-to product.

I have always wanted to try other blushes now that a good number of International brands are available online but I feel that blushes are best bought at stores. That's just my opinion. Although, I don't think it will stop me from buying a NYX blush online. I don't know, that's just me, I guess.

Anyhow, I must say, I have a soft spot for blushes even though I only own two. Because, rosy or coral, anything that makes your smile ten times better is the best thing ever... And I know for a fact that my collection is going to get bigger and bigger because, hey, I just got started on the makeup front. One small step at a time.
I'll see you next time. Have a great day.