30 September 2013


This is the first post of its kind. The first favourites post of the blog. I have decided to start this series for two reasons: 1. It's fun and 2. It's the only way I can keep track of all the products I own and use on a monthly basis. Yes, I am poor. Even then, being a hoarder, I have some things that I don't end up using. So, with this series, I can hopefully keep a track of those things I pick up on whim and those things I save for months to buy. 

I also cannot include an insane number of products every month, because, sadly, my monthly purchases usually range between one or two products. Which is sad. On my part. But it's all good, right? Hopefully we can look over this and I can continue with this post? Let's go!

I live in a country where it's warm 200 days of the year. You're reduced to wearing shorts all the time, carrying around some change to buy an orange Popsicle and a deodorant in your purse to spritz around your atmosphere to get rid of all the stinky stale warm odours. My love affair with body mists has quite a history. I love getting out of the shower and sitting under the fan on full speed and spritzing on some fresh body mist. The fragrance lingers on all day and keeps me fresh and combat-ready from all the nasty odours in the air. My aunt got me this fragrance mist from Bodycology when she returned from the States, among a variety of other goodies. It's in "Enchanted Forest" and you'd think it'd be floral and clean but it's fruity and youthful instead. And it's such a good size; so it's an easy carry-on for your purse. This is my first favourite of the month.

This colour... Okay, before I begin rambling again, let me get this out of the way. Grey is one of my favourite colours after green. It's such a beautiful colour, it resembles the storm clouds in the monsoon months, the gravel roads on which we walk, the stones we throw into the river... So, Lakmé is on the road to reinvent itself these days. It's the only brand that has a line of nail polishes that are updated according to seasons and an odd collaboration with a designer. They're rather expensive for nail polishes, retailing for Rs. 199. For Americans, that's a little more than two dollars. However, if we are to buy these nail polishes, it would mean giving up those orange popsicles mentioned earlier. It dries in 40 seconds flat and is rather opaque. This colour is called "Misty Grey" from their Fast and Fabulous line and was my most used nail colour for September. 

I am a summer girl, yes. But I love autumn colours. Anyway, like I said, I am partial to summer colours more because, well, you already to know. I have owned the Hyperglossy Runway Pop Liquid Liner in Turquoise Blue by Maybelline for most of this summer. But, strangely, I never wore it during the warm days. Which is strange because I cannot get enough of it now. Being a liquid liner has its set-backs of course. It's an insanely gorgeous colour, though. It's so turquoise-y and lovely and rich. For Rs 250, you get a standard liquid liner in a gorgeous colour. It is hard to work with at times, if I am being honest. Occasionally it becomes too chalky and patchy and a real pain-in-the-arse. If you can handle the 'occasionally' bit, you can pretty much rock my third favourite of the month.  

To be honest, while I am a summer girl, I do love some of the perks of autumn. I love the fact that my skin stops being an oil factory and turns into a dry, broken road. Anything is better than an oily T-zone! I have a history of never, ever using a moisturizer (yes, I'm a bad girl) and getting away with it. However, since the last few months, my skin has become, basically, a bottle of oil. I was at one of aunt's place one day and I saw her using the Clean & Clear Skin Balancing Moisturizer which was oil-free. She asked me to give it a whirl and it was a match made in skincare heaven. It mattified my face and made it supple without breaking me out. I searched high and low for it for a long time... Eventually, I found it and also received a devastating piece of information: it was being discontinued. The salvation that had finally come my way, my knight in shining armour was dying off. So, yeah, I am on a moisturizer finding rampage yet again and am using my fourth favourite of the month very, very sparingly.

My last favourite of the month is honestly, actually, my love of the month.  It's the EOS lipbalm in "Strawberry Sorbet" and it's just so delicious. It moisturizes even the most chapped lips and conditions it and nurtures it in its own adorable way. The round, cute packaging is even cuter because of the pink colour. A huge thank you to April for giving me this little surprise! I would love to own a few more of these, maybe the mint one? The one I have is amazing for a lipbalm and I love it to the core of my heart.

Well, that's it. Those five products are my September Favourites. It was so much fun writing this. I think I'll like the monthly favourites ritual quite a bit. What do you think?
Until next time, stay awesome.