29 September 2013

Review: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick + Rimmel Vinyl Gloss.

So, I decided to take a break from all the last minute studying I've been up to and write a new blog post. I also switched on the telly just in case and when I switched over to a rerun of 'Ellen', I stopped what I was doing to watch the show for ten minutes. She brought on a Norwegian duo by the name of Ylvis. She played their viral hit, 'The Fox' and the moment I heard it, I was floored. It was officially the cheesiest yet most purposely funny song I had ever heard in quite some time. I immediately went over to YouTube, favourited the song and caught up with some of the dance moves. What's my favorite part of the song? Well, to be honest, the whole song is  hilarious, but 49 seconds into the song, one of the brothers' goes "Wa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pa-pow!" and I must say, that is my favourite part of the chorus. Also, something that from the lyrics that made me grin: "But if you meet a friendly horse, will you communicate by Morse? How will you speak to that horse?"

Okay, enough about the hottest song of the moment... But, seriously, though, I think it's an amazing song to dance to. Maybe Psy has some competition after all. Okay, I need to stop listening to that song and stop dancing along and get on with my post.

So, I had heard of the very British, very pocket-friendly beauty brand Rimmel through several YouTubers and a couple of my sisters who had studied and worked in the UK. I was not interested in anything beauty-related back when they were living there, or, that would've meant several trips to Superdrug or Boots for them. However, ever since that spark of interest was laid on me, I had wanted to try their products. (Click on the links to be directly led to pages filled with Rimmel goodness)

So, if any of you are wondering, "Oh, I live in a Third-World country, they won't ship the products here." you can actually stop thinking that. Sites like Asos offer International shipping. Not jumping yet? Well, Indians are mighty hard to please. Don't sweat it. Well-known Indian e-commerce site, Flipkart gives you a good array of Rimmel products with decent prices. There's their ever-present insane shipping hurdle, though. Extra prices attached to each product under 500 rupees. If that's no problem for you, jump right ahead. However, there's a third option. A fairly new website Slassy (amalgamation of the words stylish and classy) stocks Rimmel products too. Let me say this, they're probably your best  pocket-friendly bet. They're priced decently and they have a fairly larger variety of products than the site mentioned just previously. The choice is yours. 

To be honest, I purchased this lipstick without any reason. I knew very well I wasn't going to use it, so, I just gave it to my mother. Needless to say, she quite likes it. And on the odd nights when I do use it, I get impressed by it myself. Rimmel lipsticks are know for their formulation. Their buttery smoothness. I love how you can get away without prepping your lips with balm first when you're using their lipsticks.  The lipstick is the Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in '016 Heart Breaker'. It is rich, luscious and pigmented. It doesn't last that long, though. But I don't mind the reapplication bit because I am absolutely in love with the formula. And the smell! Unlike most lipsticks, it has a faint vanilla smell, which is not over-whelming at all. The packaging is pretty and is a celebration for all purple lovers out there. My friend loved the deep brownish purple packaging and was also quite impressed by the formulation. In rupees, the price ranges between 250-350 for 14g, depending on where you order it from. With a price that pocket-friendly, you could easily try these beauties out. 

The lipgloss, on the other hand, I had every intention of using. Among a wide range of colours, I chose "260 Hippy Spirit", a nice nude-ish coral. I'm always confused between coral and salmon. But, it's one of those two colours. You tell me, is it a nude-ish coral or a nude-ish salmon? The Vinyl Gloss is truly a voluptuously shiny gloss, which leaves your lips, well, voluptuous and shiny. And it smells like cupcake batter! It doesn't irritate your nose, which is such a good thing! I mean, who wants a lipgloss like that anyway? The colour shows up rather well and isn't sheer like most glosses for its price. It's 290 rupees for a good quantity

Urgh, I am just so glad that I can try out Rimmel products now! I was originally going to get their Stay Matte powder but face products of any sort make me break out within five minutes. So, I decided to go with the two lip products and I don't regret it one bit. Except for the scary confirmation call (socially inept person here) there's nothing that stands in your way. 

P.S. This post was done age ago but I was slacking off on posting it because I had to do all the last-minute studying for my exams. So, finally, yay, I am about to press the Publish button. It feels so good.

See you soon.