11 September 2013

Review: MAC Archie's Girls (Limited Edition).

It's almost disgusting how much of a major procrastinator I have become. I do not feel like doing things until it's the absolute last moment. Assignments, school-work, studies, fun time, everything has been put on hold because I spend half of my 24 hours sleeping. The other half, I sleep with my eyes wide open. Yeah, I have mastered that over the years. So, I kind of dug up my old comics (I've been giving all the online manga reading some well needed rest) and I've been reading through all the Archie comics in those fleeting minutes when I don't actually feel drowsy. While Jughead is my favorite character, if I were to choose between the girls, I'd choose Veronica any day. Not only is she a kick-ass character to begin with, she's also a proud brunette. Don't get me wrong, I like Betty, but, Veronica is it. For me, at least. What I like about the people at the fictional town of Riverdale is that not only are they extremely realistic and humorous, they always stick together even after the worst of fights. 


This incident happened months ago: I was checking out makeup online, on all the international sites. Let's face it, international makeup and sites are so much more appealing than the local ones. I was browsing through MAC Cosmetic's official website when I came across their new Betty & Veronica collection. Jackpot. I checked out the entire collection within seconds and I knew one thing: I had to get my hands on them. I immediately checked out YouTube and watched several videos of the collection and thought I'd save up some money to spend on the pigments or lipsticks. After some extremely careful expenditure, I had enough money to buy one of the eyeshadow pigments. I had picked one greenish-black one from Veronica's side of the collection, naturally. One of my relatives who was going abroad soon dropped by our house. It was perfect timing. Giving her the money, I begged her to grab the pigment for me at one of the MAC stores. She said she'd do so. After some more waiting, she returned back home. I eagerly went to her house to claim the thing I had worked so hard on saving up money for. "Oh, sorry, I forgot all about it!" was her response when I approached her. Like it was nothing. Like it was a joke. I didn't yell or whine or cry. But I did all those three things in the comfort of my own room, much to my mother's dismay.

Months passed. Every time I stopped by the MAC website, I'd look longingly at that particular collection. There was just something about it. 

Then, came my angel in disguise, a YouTuber named April (better known as ButterflySparkles23). I had been watching her videos for a while and I became, I assume it's safe to say, good friends with her. She's a funny, goofy and extremely witty person and I always look forward to her videos. She was having a giveaway and one of her prizes was a lipstick and blush from the Betty & Veronica collection. I died a little death when I saw her video and I, obviously, excited out of my wits, entered the contest. 

Another month passed, on the day before my birthday, on the 16th of July, I still remember her message  saying that I had won the giveaway. Another occasion to die a little death. I couldn't believe it. It was cosmic or fate or what, I have no clue. April, like the kind and generous angel that she is, sent me the package along with a surprise gift that came in the form of an absolutely adorable pink EOS lip balm. Yes, that's right. Another little death.

With Madeon playing in the background, I was crying tears of joy as I opened up the package. My mother, who was on the way to run some errands, delayed them and stayed with me and watched me joyfully open the package. She asked me to immediately thank April and I needed no orders. I thanked the ever-so-kind April right away. It was an absolute dream come true. Yes. It truly was.

The gorgeous Pearl Matte Face powder in 'Veronica's Blush' is an absolute favorite whenever I have to get ready to go to a fancy place. The packaging is so absolutely adorable. It's a pretty pale pink with darker pink hearts. The useless Fan Brush I have doesn't pick up much of the product but I'm guessing that's the point. I use my fingers to swirl the product into my cheek bones and use the brush to blend it out.You need very little of this enourmously amazing highlighter/blush to make you look like you're having a stunner of a day. It's more of a highlighter, to be honest, which is smashing because I have never owned one prior to this. Oh, boy, I just said smashing, didn't I? That's what too much excitement does to you.

The lipstick, 'Girl Next Door', is a lustre finish and is super smooth to apply. It glides on like butter and comes off as sheer at first but builds up to the gorgeous icy, pale pink shade it is. I could never pull off such a risky colour, mainly because I cannot expect to wear such a cool lip colour in my country without getting judged, or at worst, beaten up. I'm exagerrating, of course. Not really. I'm not brave enough to defy the omnipresent angry mob. Killer jokes apart, it honestly is such a beautiful colour that I attempted an ombre lip with it and I must say, quite proudly, I succeeded in nailing the look I wanted.  

Anyway, I'll be off now. I have exams to prepare for which begin from the 18th of this month. They're what we call Half Yearly exams. I'd just like to thank the gorgeous April from the bottom of my heart. I love you. 

P. S. I think I know what I'll do with the money I had saved up for the pigment. I'll send a mail back to April. Sounds like a plan, doesn't it?