25 October 2013

Review: Lush Herbalism Cleanser.

I have this love-hate, on again-off again relationship with my skin. Some days, I love how beautiful it is and at other (okay, most) times I hate that it cannot pick itself up. Acne is a raging problem, sure, for which teens have to think twice before eating an extra packet of chips or another slab of chocolate, but, it really isn't the end of the world. Yes, it really isn't. Or maybe that's something I keep telling myself to not go further into my shell labelled 'socially inept'. 

So, like a true Indian, I tend to slap on every natural ingredient found in my kitchen or backyard to get rid of or prevent acne. My friend, Catherine, swears by a home-made scrub which has helped her get rid of her acne scars. Another friend, Ira, loves using tomatoes. Another one, potatoes. But acne is something that is often genetic. Even if it is, a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle is the way to go. Maybe instead of dunking your face into a bowl of tomato paste, you can actually eat the tomato as a healthy snack. Just saying. I'm definitely not the right person to be giving diet advice, seeing how I often find myself breaking all proper diet rules almost every day. 

Enter Lush. I was at the Lush store with a specific purpose of buying lip products (saved for a future post). My city doesn't have a Lush store. I got to travel to a metropolitan city in the country where my brother studies and decided to just show up at Lush (and various other stores, ahem). The girl there was fairly pleasant and was making my mother buy quite a bunch of things. Including this cleanser called 'Herbalism'. She had specifically recommended it for my mother. She said my skin, which is oily and sensitive, was suitable for another cleanser. And like a complete tool that I am, I ignored her and didn't pick it up. I realized my folly after a couple of weeks.

However, my mother asked me to give Herbalism a go. I did, let me tell you one thing, my darling, like me, you'd be surprised with the results. My skin looked like it was renewed and the scars seemed lighter already. I do not use it regularly and neither does my mother (who has only used it once since purchasing) but it can be used twice daily. I don't use it because I tend to forget about it. But I've used it enough to review it. It's a rich, mossy green (brownie points for being green, yes) and some might find its smell repulsive, but when you envision something so rich and moss-like, you tend not to imagine it smelling candy-like. So, no, I do not mind the smell. 

P.S. Do not mind my phone in one of the photos. Something had to keep the bottle from rolling off the table.

The Lush website describes it as:
"Herbalism is best suited to those who have tried everything under the sun to clear up their oily and blemish prone skin. Here's our fresh facial cleanser to convert you into a believer of the power of herbs! The antibacterial blend of rosemary, nettle and chamomile help clear up problematic skin. Ground rice bran acts as an effective exfoliant, while kaolin clay deep cleanses pores. Use this cleanser in combination with Grease Lightning for clear, balanced skin."

- Dampen your face. (Warm water recommended.)
- Break off a pea-sized chunk, add water and create a paste.
- Apply all over face using small, circular motions.
- Rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

I believe you can only buy this at stores as it is a fresh product and not online. I'm not too sure, but it makes sense since you do have to store it in a cool, dark place. With ingredients like ground almonds, glycerine, rosemary and rice vinegar water extract, chamomile blue oil, sage oil etc, your skin will get the vacation it deserves. My mother got 250 gm for 702 rupees/INR. 

It's only human, we want perfect skin. And with it, you may just be able to make sure everyone is green with envy. Okay, bad joke. 

Until next time,
take care.