3 November 2013

Review: The Body Shop Lip Balm & Lip Butter.

Just the other day, I realized something. I do not like winter. I don't hate it, no. I just do not enjoy it. In school, every classmate of mine thinks I am insane just because I want to switch on the fan for a minute. At home, it's the same. Then, there's the whole dry weather scenario. While I enjoy the cold, I do not like how dry it gets around here. And I am a bad girl for not tackling that with a little moisturization. I do not believe in moisturizing. Then again, if I am being honest, I am too lazy to do it. I cannot wait to get my hands on a good body butter and slather it all over my body, particularly my elbows and ankles. Another thing I do not like are chapped lips. Winter and chapped lips are the best of friends. Last year, I bit my chapped lips so hard that it started bleeding and a weird episode of my life unfolded before my eyes. An event so very weird and humiliating that I cannot even think about writing it here. So, after that episode was over, I swore that I'd never have chapped lips again. Never, ever, ever. 

One of my sisters introduced me to The Body Shop's lip butters. She had a Sweet Lemon one. My first ever purchase from The Body Shop was, in fact, a Sweet Lemon lip butter. I loved that little fellow so much that I ran out of it pretty quickly. Thus began my love affair with lip butters. They make amazing gifts as well. I have gifted several of my friends different varieties of the lip butters. The price for one ranges from 250-300 INR and it contains 8.5-9 gm of product. The packaging is adorable. It's a round plastic container, coloured according to their flavours or fragrances.  

The Body Shop Lip Butter in 'Chocomania'

The lip butters have a smooth, buttery texture. This little guy has 8.5 gm of product in it. Since it is chocolate, it smells amazing. This glides on smooth and lasts for typically one hour without budging. Even after it is visibly gone, its moisturizing effects linger on. It coats your lips a light butter-like colour (you can see the colour in the photos). Nothing too in-your-face. To be honest, this lip butter smells more like cocoa butter than chocolate. For me, at least.  I believe this cost me 300 INR, after a 10% discount. Anyway, I love how smooth and hydrating this is. Not to mention delicious. 

The Body Shop Lip Balm in 'Satsuma'

There's a textural difference in the lip balm. It is not as smooth as the lip butter. However, I love it to bits  and you can see just how much. I have annihilated this particular one. I am a citrus junkie. Therefore, I love how this smells and I love that it gives my lips a slight tinge of orange. Oh, did I mention it's shimmery? Yes, its got these fine micro-shimmers in it that make it even more beautiful. I believe they have changed the packaging on this line. While I find this packaging cuter, the new packaging is also pretty cute. This is extremely hydrating and is a lift-me-up on the dreariest of days and nights. This cost me 250 INR for 9 gm

All in all, you cannot go wrong with lip butters or lip balms from The Body Shop. With the quantity in check, it definitely delivers for its price. Say goodbye to chapped lips. I would highly recommend trying out one of these babies. Choose from a wide variety of flavours - watermelon, satsuma, mango, dragonfruit, strawberry, passionberry, raspberry, shea butter etc. Also choose between a stick lip balm and a pot ones like these. The choice is yours! And have fun with your luscious, hydrated lips!

Until next time,
take care.