6 December 2013

Review: 'Alien' Eau de Parfum - Thierry Mugler.

I have a sociology exam in approximately 8 hours. And yet, I am here, typing away. Like my life depended on it. It kind of does. Who likes to study anyway? I don't study, I don't prepare, I don't cram - I just do. I just write whatever I understood in class, whatever I read in those fleeting moments when I actually opened my books. I am lazy and uninterested in every aspect of the word. Especially when it comes to studying. I do believe in learning, though. I just don't believe in ranking students and competition. 

That was completely off-topic. So, let's get on with what I really want to write about. This enchanting, mysterious excuse of a perfume. My father had bought a ton of perfumes for my mother and for me the last time he was out of the country. There were also a bunch of samples. One among them was a sample for this particular perfume. My mother fell in love with this musky, strong perfume in a heartbeat. I thought it was too mysterious for me to wear, at first. However, one night, when I was going out, I had a dark look going on and I didn't find my other perfumes suitable. Then, I spritzed on this baby. Sure enough, everybody was latching on to my body, sniffing me and asking me what perfume I was wearing. It is such a gorgeous, long-lasting, powerful and unique fragrance that the moment we ran out of the sample (you should have seen how sad my mother was) I knew it was time to raid Parcos again. It is insanely expensive and I was a little low on money (since I had bought three other perfumes along with this one - yes, perfume lover alert) I decided to buy the smallest size. Turns out, I might have to go buy a bigger size the next time I am at Parcos. Don't you just love how it looks alone? It looks like a little amethyst rock. 

CREATED BY: Perfumers Dominique Ropion and Laurent Bruyere.

PACKAGING: Amethyst-coloured with gold accents; made of glass. 

(Official description)
Discover Alien, radiant and mysterious, the elixir of absolute femininity. Be seduced by the soothing solar energy of this extraordinary fragrance from elsewhere. Luminous like a brilliant solar flower, the fragrance exudes a positive energy, charged with mystery. Evoking the scent of wood warmed by intense sunlight, Alien is sensual and intriguing, yet as soft and rich as the caress of cashmere.

Mysterious. Soothing. Magnetic.

Solar Accord, Jasmine Sambac, Green Notes, Cashmeran, Vanilla, Transparent Amber.


PRICE: 4819 INR approx. 30 ml refillable bottle is $79, 60 ml is $119. The refill is 60 ml and is $89.

MY RATING: 9/10.

Maybe because this is a rare, unique scent. Maybe because this is one of those perfumes that requires a bold attitude to rock. Maybe because this is one of those perfumes that won't be worn by everybody and their sisters. Maybe, all of the above. I like the fact that a little goes a long way with Alien and just a tiny amount will envelope the room with its gorgeous fragrance. And it lasts all day. Seriously. You cannot go wrong with it if you have a bad-ass personality to do it justice. The jasmine in it does stand out. I do not enjoy jasmine, usually, but, this particular amalgamation of jasmine with the other accents make it beautiful and not over-powering. While it is not for everybody, it is definitely something you must go and sniff the next time you are able to. And if it suits your personality, go for it. You won't regret it.

Until next time,
take care.