26 November 2013


Five silly things I am excited for this winter.

I quite like winter. It's warm (okay, hot) where I live 8 months of the year. It's nice to feel a cool breeze against my skin, for a change. Winter, over the years, has been a store-house of memories - good and bad. The blankets, the sweaters, the hand creams, the cups of coffee; they're all triggers. It is just such a beautiful season. As a student, I have had December off, to enjoy the weather, to enjoy the winter fruits and vegetables, to enjoy going outside wearing dark nail polish. Being the cuckoo person that I am, I tend to go for bright colours in the colder seasons and darker colours in the summers. However, this time, I am all about rocking a plum or navy colour on my nails. 

Accessories also play an important part in winter. I finally get a chance to whip out my scarves and stoles and wrap them around my neck. I finally get the chance to wear some edgy jewelry, since, summer is so hot and humid that it hardly ever leaves space for any jewelry at all. I had this quick photo shoot (of sorts, as usual) when I was at Kaziranga National Park, a World Heritage Site, with friends, during a school trip. I know Kaziranga like the back of my hand, like most of the forests here, but that's another story for another day. Anyway, yes, I had this quick shoot with Gigi and Tej and I whole-heartedly thank them for their patience and cheery attitude. 

Ear cuff thingies. Apparently, you need a long neck and an amazing bone structure to wear these things; I had read so in a fashion magazine. A top designer had said so, and I am sure he knew what he was talking about. But, honestly? He should know better. We are entitled to wear anything we want, as long as it is appropriate. I'll say this - I do not have a swan-like neck or a Raquel Zimmermann-esque bone structure, but I look good when I wear my ear cuffs. So does Gigi, as you can see from the photo above. Seriously, there are no restrictions. I was kind of enraged when I read that quote from a person, a 'designer' who designs for a country where women are all sorts of gorgeous shapes and structures. I love my ear cuff thingies and this is the perfect season to wear them. I got them off Pepper Closet. I doubt if it's still available since quite a few things has changed in that website since my purchase, but, you could still give it a try. 

P.S. I adore Raquel to bits. 

Brooches. These are so winter appropriate, don't you think? Imagine you're wearing black tights, a black jacket, black shoes and an electric blue scarf. Do you realize what would brighten up such an outfit? A gorgeous little brooch. My aunt gifted me the one in the photo and I have used it to brighten up many wintry days. Another thing you must keep in mind, brooches are conversation starters. There was this one time when I was feeling quite down and drab, when, a girl walked up to me and said that the cute elephant brooch I had pinned on was one of the cutest things they had ever seen. Aimless conversation flowed and I wound up having a good time. So, yes, power to brooches.

Can we all take a moment to look at Gigi's fabulous matte navy nail job?

Scarves. Or stoles. What's the best way to wear crazy prints in winter and still get away with it? Simple. Find the cutest printed scarves you can find, wrap them around your neck and go rule the world. This scarf is Tej's. I don't know where she got it but the moment I saw it, my heart melted. It's got beautiful cream and white floral motifs across a pink and gray background. That's not even the best part. The best part is that it's crazy warm. I cannot wait to take my scarves and stoles out of exile and wear them. Such a tiny piece of fabric, such versatility. You can wear it in so many different styles, with so many different outfits. It's almost as if it's magic. 

Armour rings. Now, I am a ring hoarder. Alright, alright, I am the princess of hoarders, I tend to grab everything my eyes see and never let go of them. Anyway, as I was saying, I love rings. They're, by far, my most worn accessories. I wear them all the time. However, I only take out the armour rings from my collection on particularly cold days. Since they're quite heavy and not that easy to wear, they usually aren't my picks during summer or spring. In winter, I am all about armour rings. They're absolutely stunning pieces. I got the black-ish copper one from Aldo and the smaller black one from the local market. Tej has gorgeous hands and beautiful, long, lady-like fingers; and rings further accentuate them. Even if I don't have hands or fingers half as graceful as Tej's, I still wear rings and I love armour rings in particular because of their stunning motifs and intricacy. 

Hand creams. Go figure. One thing that is a cold weather hazard are dry palms. Enter hand creams. This one is from Marks and Spencer's and packed with the fresh smell of aloe vera. These make amazing little gifts too. They come in a number of variants, from nutty scents like almond and shea butter to floral scents like magnolia and lavender. Not only do these smell really good, but, they're highly functional too. They're extremely moisturizing and aren't heavy. I was going to do a proper post on these bad boys, but, I am still doubtful as to whether I should. Let's see.

I am excited for these things, amongst many, for this winter. What are your triggers and what are you excited about? 

Until next time,
stay warm.