24 February 2014

Review: L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse.

You know, I was sick of lip glosses and lipsticks for a while way back in January. So much so that I decided to venture out to a store and grab one more of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains. Nothing had been on par with those little lip crayons for the longest time. I loved the idea of getting a new shade but I didn't like the idea of spending ₹700 again. That's when the girl at the L'Oreal counter called me over to show me some lip products that she had previously mentioned about. At that time, I was apprehensive. L'Oreal has always been a brand that could either deliver the best or the worst products on earth. But, I was desperate - desperate for change. And now, I am extremely thankful to God that I took my chances.
So much drama over a lip product? Well, yes. This is one product that I want to use and yet am afraid to use because I'm afraid to finish it (currently on a spending freeze till mid-April). It's one of L'Oreal Paris's newer launches. From their new Caresse line. This is L'Oreal Paris Shine Caresse. Now the other type in this line is the L'Oreal Paris Rouge Caresse, which is a line of lipsticks. The Shine Caresse line is more... Argh. *frustrated* I cannot explain what it is. It's some sort of sorcery, some sort of weird amalgamation of different things. It's just what I was looking for back then. And even now, it's something I reach for whenever I feel like playing up my lips.

I do believe there are 8 different shades for you to choose from. The shades are named after popular names for women. Choose from Bella, Venus, Eve, Faye, Juliette, Lolita and two oddballs Milady and Pretty Woman. They're ₹499 each and contain 6 ml of product. Their packaging is so elegant; I love the gold lacquer and the pointy top and the little strip of transparent glass which shows the colour of the product. What's more, the applicator is leaf-shaped (very popular nowadays, it seems) which is perfect for precision.
The main website describes these as: "Now hydration & shine meet lasting, lightweight colour. With Shine Caresse, discover a lip gloss that doubles up as a lip stain. This next generation lip colour combines the texture & shine of a gloss with the long-wear ability of a stain. It delivers a lasting colour with a subtle glossy shine." 

I do understand what they're trying to say. And I have to agree with whatever they're saying. The formula is very gloss-like. But when you apply it on your lips, it wets your lips like the rain wets the surface of the earth. I've never felt such flawless hydration in a makeup product before. It looks like the gloss in the packaging, but when you put it on, it's like you're applying water onto your lips. Yes, it's that light, hydrating and beautiful. I cannot explain the beauty of this product to you. It's something you'll have to feel yourself. 
Okay, enough of that. *switches to serious mode* 
The product is a watery-stain. It's glossy on the lips but doesn't resemble a gloss whatsoever. First, it looks very sheer but once it settles, it turns into a more vibrant shade. The staying power is impressive; it'll last for about 4 hours before deciding to fade away. However, since it is a stain of sorts, it tends to leave a tinge of colour behind and dissolve the little bit of glossiness present during its initial application. I do enjoy the formula quite a lot. I love its nourishing feel and its weightlessness on the lips. What I could do without is its fragrance. It's a little irritating but it doesn't last. It disappears after thirty seconds or so. 
The one I got is in '604 Bella', a peachy pink. It just caught my attention a wee bit more than the other shades. Not going to lie, I've got a thing for peachy pinks. 

I look forward to adding more shades from this particular line to my collection. The formula is impeccable and I enjoy using this as a pick-me-up. Are you going to pick one? Yes? No? Let me know if you do. As if you will. Sorry, had a snappy moment. *shrugs*

Until next time, 
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